Does OtterBox grade protection case with battery exist?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by CarComp, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Apr 1, 2018
    I have been a long time otter box user. When the 3GS came out, I loved using the defender. On my latest phone which is a 7+ (Wife got the 8) the defender was too bulky. I went with the commuter and I love it. It has handled countless drops. Combined with a decent glass screen protector, it’s almost as sturdy as a defender. Which leads me to my next problem. Battery life.

    This phone has never had great battery life, and I have done all of the tricks to make it last longer. I only seem to be able to get from 7am to about 8:00 PM before it’s completely dead. I know that’s pretty good, but I’d rather just go all day and then plug-in at night. I really want a battery case with the protection quality of an otterbox. I have been searching for about a week now and I cannot find anything with the corner protection, as well as the plastic, and the lip (the edge that wraps around the phone and makes it “bigger”) that an otter box has that also has a battery.

    Every battery case I see is either a two piece design (Mophie) or one of those tiny rubber slim things that might as will not even be a phone case (everything on amazon). I’ve always used a phone case as the number one protection against falls, and some cases I see are laughable. FYI I’ve never had a broken phone since I broke my 3GS and bought an OtterBox.

    FYI OtterBox polarpro and universe cases are just dumb so please no :)
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    Not from what I’ve seen. Mophie Juice Pack Air has a bit more impact protection than most seem to, but not as significant as drop rates cases.

    Perhaps have a battery pack instead and keep a more reliable drop rated case?
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    Sigh. Tiny wire and some double sided tape I guess.
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