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Sep 18, 2014
So does it work just the way it does on the iPad? It sure is a smooth way to get to home screen on the iPad. Completely prefer it over pressing the physical home button! With iPhone 6 Plus's bigger screen it's bound to be more useful with the increased real estate! My 6 Plus is due to arrive this coming Tuesday and this forum sure does keeps my excitement at it's peak reading fellow iPhone 6 users' experiences! So great while you're on the wait for your new iPhone!

edit: It's supposed to read- "pinch to home screen."
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The Doctor11

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Dec 15, 2013
New York
Nope. I think it would be really weird to use iPad gestures on a iPhone 6. But maybe on the 6 plus it would be cool. But have it on both the 6 and 6 plus to keep everybody happy.
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