All iPads Does T-Mobile's Free Data for Life include Unlimited Capped 3G Speeds After 4G Sub?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by HappyDude20, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I have an iPad 3rd gen 4G+LTE edition with a T-Mobile SIM card obtained while they were doing the free 200MB a month for life deal. I heard somewhere a while back that if you were to pay say, $30 for 3GB's of data to be used in 30 days, that after using all the 3GB's, say in one week, that the remaining 3 weeks will still allow me to use the internet on the iPad, though w/o the 4G speeds.

    Is this correct? or am i missing something?
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    After your allotment of data is used, you will have to puchase additional data to access the net.
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    baypharm isn't 100 % correct

    let me clarify this.

    if you get the free 200 mb of data , after the 200 mb is used , your access to the internet is shut down for the rest of the month.

    if you pay for data, like 5 gb for $40, and use up the 5gb, you still have access to the internet , it is just slowed down for the rest of the month, i believe its slowed down to 64kbps or 128kbps

    the one thing you don't seem to get with prepaid iPad plans from t-mobile continues to be data stash. if you definitely want data stash, you MUST get a post paid iPad plan.

    however, the music freedom feature is available for prepaid iPad plans as well. if you burn your PAID data allotment , you can continue to stream music on your iPad without burning your cap

    speed tests do not go against your cap

    free data is burned up before paid data kicks in. this means, if you stream music from iTunes radio, it will burn up your 200 mb of free data, and once that is gone, music freedom will kick in and prevent your paid data from being burned up by streaming music

    even if you pay $20 for 1 gb a month, you get unlimited music streaming, and once you go over 1 gb your speed will be reduced.

    when baypharm said your data was cut off, he was either talking about only the free data, or what a competitor like AT&T would do.

    in order to get music freedom on an iPad you must pay for data.
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    here is an email you get when you have a paid data plan and use up the data.

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    If you only have the free 200MB data / month, once you use it up, you have no connection.

    If you pay for data each month, your data is slowed down considerably once you use up your allotment.

    If you have the free 200MB / month + you pay for data each month, your data is slowed down considerably once you use up your allotment + 200MB.

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