Does The 9.7 IPad Pro's Screen Have Less Reflection Than The IPad Mini 4?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by beeinformed, Nov 28, 2016.

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    I would appreciate some feedback from members who own both the 9.7 inch iPad Pro & the IPad Mini 4 (or have seen both in person) to comment on the anti-reflective coating on both of these models and which one (if applicable) shows less reflection as I have a vision problem involving glare that affects my reading.

    Thanks in advance for your reponse to my question!
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    I have both a 9.7" Pro and an Air 2 in my household. The Air 2 has a first generation anti-reflective coating, which is the same one used on the iPad Mini 4. The 9.7" Pro has a second generation coating that is noticeably better. While you can still see reflections at some angles, it is by far the best glossy glass display I've ever used. I will say that both generations of the anti-reflective coating offer marked improvements over the reflections on an iPhone screen, which has no coating at all. You'll still be getting a good product with the Mini 4 if you prefer the smaller size. Keep in mind though, text and UI elements will be bigger on the 9.7" model, which might be a plus if you have vision problems. Good luck with your purchase!

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