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Sep 2, 2015
If not, does the iPad Pro have aptx?

No aptX and aptX HD are proprietary and pretty useless now that Bluetooth 5.0 is here. And Apple can't stand paying someone else a licensing fee. And for aptX to work both devices must support it.

That being said I own a Galaxy Note 5 and a Creative Roar 2 Bluetooth speaker both devices have aptX and the improvement is remarkable.

A much easier way to get around this is buy cheap Chrimecast devices hook them up to your speakers or sound system and stream all you music anywhere in the house without Bluetooth via much higher quality WiFi like Sonos does.


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Oct 2, 2012
Well, that is great. I got myself the B&W P7 Wireless but none of my iOS devices can make use of APTX because Apple is too greedy paying licensing fees.
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Sep 6, 2011
Sparks, NV
I got some Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones a while back and the AptX only works over my Macbook Pro and not on my iPhone, iPad or Apple TV 4, but I sure can't tell the difference. Sounds great on all of them. Maybe I'm just not enough of an audiophile though? idk
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