Does the Macbook Pro / OSX support power profiles?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Siriosys, May 28, 2010.

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    My apologies in advance if this seems a really stupid question, but is there a way, or is there a program, to control what devices are used etc etc when the machine is on battery versus power?

    I've scoured my wife's MBP for something that looks like it would do what I want, however I'm at a loss.

    For example, when on Mains Power then I want EVERYTHING on - Wifi, BT, disp at full etc etc etc.

    When I'm on battery, I want to DISABLE BT, Wifi on, screen dimmed sightly etc etc.

    Am I missing something where this would be or do I need a 3rd party app for this?


  2. ipsg macrumors member

    Jan 16, 2009
    Leave your windows habit to the windows world;)
    OS X has great power management under the hood
    Even the audio subsystem is shut down when not in use, without the user's intervention
  3. Azathoth macrumors 6502a

    Sep 16, 2009
    Well BT, Wifi and brighntess are all setable from the toolbar panel, so there is no point to make those triggered from the power source (why should power source effect if BT is on - I either need BT or don't regardless of power supply).

    But I wish there was a way to control processor speed and be able to tell it to never go above min. speed when on battery - this has helped give me get over 4hour battery life on my 3 year old PC (Win 7) (with just the internal battery), unfortunately there is no control over that in OS X - and that is why Im unable to get more than about 5hours battery life with my 2010 MBP
  4. Azathoth macrumors 6502a

    Sep 16, 2009
    Go to Prefs!Energy Saver!Battery!Slightly Dim display when using this power source

    **can never find the 'pipe' key on this keyboard, hence use of '!' :-s

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