Does the Strava app support continuous heartrate?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by MattDell, Mar 28, 2017.

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    Hi, just a quick one - does the Strava app support continuous heart rate monitoring?

    I've used it both for running and cycling and I get very intermittent heart rate measurements. My other half is experiencing the same thing. I can't find anything in the Strava docs to say whether or not it supports continuous monitoring.

    Here is an example run that we both took the other day:

    2017-03-28 20.03.06.png 2017-03-28 20.03.15.png

    Mine is on the left. It seems to have only calculated my heart rate at 9/10ths of a mile. Similarly hers didn't start until 0.25 miles and then worked fairly well until 7/10ths of a mile where it stopped completely.

    I have tried many other runs and rides and get similar results. I'm now at the point where I don't feel I can use the Strava app.

    Does anyone else have the same experience?
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    It is not the app it is the watch. I have never seen any of my three watches deliver dependable results. I can be running and half way through my HR either go away and the watch says it is measuring OR it will show some crazy number like 45bpm.

    You want continuous you need to go to a chest monitor.
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    Bear in mind that this is my first day with the watch, but I went on two Strava rides with it. The first looked like your SO's. For the second ride, I tightened the watch band so that the heart rate sensor sat closer to my skin and the watch didn't move around so much. The graph was much less blocky, but still not spiky like it is when I use my bluetooth heart rate monitor (still optical, but strapped lower on my arm).
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    My Apple 2 watch works fairly well for biking heart rate recording with Strava, though with some small breaks. I keep it snug on my wrist. I have had only one problem with my free version of Strava with over 15 rides. On my last ride it refused to start on the Strava Start screen image. My touch worked on other apps. The Strava (GPS) mileage is close to my integrated Trek Computer, based on wheel diameter and rotation count. Less than a 1/10 mile in 20 to 60 mile rides. I wish I could set a warning alarm if my heart rate exceeds a pre-set rate, though my body usually warns this senior citizen. It's fun to look at my heart rate changes with terrain changes and high wind direction. It would be interesting to have an intergrated system with terrain, gear ratios, and wind, but maybe more info than a old guy needs.

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