Does this make sense/is it possible for a backup scheme?

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    having Time Machine and Cloned image on the same physical drive (your first back up drive if I understand what you wrote) doesn't buy you anything. If the drive fails you lose both backups. Use one drive for Time Machine and the other for CCC.
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    That is a viable option, but know, that CCC has to be setup to backup every partition of HDD 1 to HDD 2 (one schedule per partition) and that there should be no duplicate root folder names on HDD 1's partitions.

    I have a similar backup plan, though without Time Machine:
    Also know, that TM on partition 2 will not backup contents of partition 1 (music) or partition 3 (clone) on the same HDD, thus the clone of partition 1 on HDD 2 is the only backup of partition 1 from HDD 1.
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