Does this seem right (Airport wireless)???

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by samiwas, Oct 2, 2009.

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    OK, so I have a Time Capsule and two airport expresses, all N-capable. The Time Capsule is set up as "802.11n-only (5GHz)-802.11b/g". The 5 Ghz channel is automatic, 2.4 GHz at channel 1.

    The Time Capsule is on the first floor of my townhome in a wood cabinet. It serves as the main access point.

    One express is on the second floor, directly above the TC. This express does nothing but act as AirTunes, as I was having too many conflicts.

    The second Airport express is also on the second floor, on the other end of the house, so maybe 20 feet away max. It is set up to extend the wireless network.

    My laptop is on the top floor, about 10 feet above the extending express.

    When I look at the wireless clients list for the TC, the second Airport express is holding on at between -60 and -80dBm, which seems REALLY low for being a mere 20 feet away! My laptop is connected to the second Airport Express, fluctuating wildly between -25 and -60dBm...and I'm 10' from the express. I know walls and ceilings tend to degrade signal, but to this level?

    Down on the bottom floor, I get speedtest rates of 15-18Mb/s. On my laptop on the upper floor, I'm getting...wait for it...somewhere around 0.8Mb/s. Like I said, I know walls and ceilings are a bit of a culprit, but should I really be losing THAT MUCH signal up just a couple of floors with a repeater? It just seems absurd. I'm no more than about 50 feet from the main base station, and 10 feet from the extender.

    I'm sure the fact that I can regularly see 15-20 wireless networks from my house isn't helping.
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    Mine was definitely better when I moved it from the floor to a shelf about a metre off the ground
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    With that amount of WiFi congestion, I'd try changing channel.

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