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Jul 23, 2013
As per the title really, looking to purchase an iMac when the Haswell's are released, Im in no major rush. Was wondering if the thunderbolt ports work ok under Windows Bootcamp as ideally I'd like to connect a thunderbolt HDD caddy to it with a large capacity SSD connected. Probably the Seagate GoFlex as thats the only real one on the market it seems.

Reason being, I record gameplay - Im not a hardcore gamer, some games are windows only unfortunately aswell and there are better/more recording software in windows (Dxtory) for example but I'd like to be able to edit them on my iMac under final cut pro. Or transfer them to my MBP.

Reason why I want thunderbolt - I have a late 2011 17" MBP which doesn't have USB3 and file transfer over USB2 would be painfully slow for large videos. But my MBP is of course equipped with Thunderbolt.



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Apr 28, 2012
Yes, thunderbolt works in Bootcamp.

In fact I boot Windows off a Bootcamp installation on an external Thunderbolt drive.


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May 15, 2011
Works fine... As the other poster, I used to boot my windows off a thunderbolt enclosure.

Although using a thunderbolt device completely disables sleep under Windows 7 (and windows 8 last time i tested). Since hibernate also did not work under bootcamp, this got annoying, and I eventually moved my external thunderbolt SSD internal to avoid this issue.
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