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Does Windows have better scaling than Mac? I think so


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Jun 12, 2012
I've bought 4k 27inch monitor, all i can say great screen i was worried about PPI especially that Apple removed AA Sub Pixel Rendering, but no issues happy especially coming from Dell 27 1440p screen.

But, my issues is with Apple scaling. So when i set to scale to 1080p the screen looks sharp and no fuzziness and more pleasing to the eye but the UI is slightly bigger then i would like to. Ok then the solution would be to set UI to 1440p, done that:

  1. UI looks great, just the right size for me.
  1. Fuzziness in text, hard to explain but i feel i need my eyes need to focus on the text more, even when i tried to mach the text font size.
  2. On top of that if you open photoshop and create a new document the 4k document on 1440p UI scaling screen won't fill up the monitor! only using 1080p or full 4k UI Scaling it only does that.
So then i compared to Windows 10 (latest updates). Windows automatically changed to 150% and it looked great. UI looked similar to 1440p on Mac but no fuzziness issue and photoshop 4k document.

  1. UI looks great, just the right size for me.
  2. No fuzziness
  3. No Photoshop or any program with 4k document issue
  1. It's Windows...
Also found this video in YT about my issue:
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Mar 14, 2009
Apple's approach to this is kinda "all-or-nothing" with "all" being "use a ~220 DPI display".

That single standard for what it means to be HiDPI pays off in terms of third-party app developers having fewer variables to worry about and decisions to make.

You'll notice that, in general, third-party apps support HiDPI much more consistently in the macOS ecosystem than in the Windows ecosystem.
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