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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by VETTE277, Dec 9, 2015.

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    I strongly encourage all potential consumers to reconsider purchasing from Dog and Bone. I was very exited and could not wait to receive my Wet Suit Impact case for my iPhone 6S, but upon receiving it I was utterly disappointed.

    What they're marketing does not show is there is dozens of tiny dots all over the screen that prohibit a clear view of your device. I asked about it and they bragged that it was a 'feature' to enhance the touchscreen capabilities of the case. Yeah okay. It blocks my view and looks horrible.
    Next, randomly my touchscreen will register 'clicks' or 'touches' due to the protective screen. Which will do things like deactivate my speaker phone while on a call, etc.

    Lastly, I cannot use my phone to.....MAKE CALLS. The other party is unable to hear me at all because I am so muffled and any movement of the case is amplified making loud noises. So the case is completely useless and I have only have a conversation somewhat on speaker phone.

    Heres the worst part: Their customer service. I have never had such a poor experience as I have with Dog and Bone. They state they will charge me a restocking fee for my case, which is rediculious. The case is defective and does not meet expectations, it is not like I am changing my mind and don't want the product on account of my own choice. Additionally, they require me to ship the case back and pay for the return shipping. Shipping to Australia....thats roughly $30.00 bucks which is a THIRD of the cost of the case. Add on the restocking fee and I'm looking at maybe getting half of my money back.

    I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with this company, their poor business practices and customer service. I am not one to make a write up like this but I felt so strongly that I wanted to ensure this was voiced so the consumer can make an educated buying decision - go with another business.
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