Dog slobbered on charger...could that damage iPad?


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Mar 31, 2010
So, my dog slobbered on my iPad charger, right on the part that connects into the iPad. Definitely small amounts of liquid got onto/into it. After I plugged in the iPad to the charger and I wondered if there might be an issue from some sort of liquid damage but there were absolutely no noticeable problems. Everything appears to be working 100% perfectly.

Does anyone see an issue with getting liquid on the charger and in the charger port on the iPad?

The only thing i care about is, if in a few months from now, my iPad randomly dies from electrical shorting, etc.



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May 12, 2008
A few months from now your iPad will be fine. It's 8-12 months out that dog slobber is known to have negative effects on previously functioning electronics.

In all seriousness OP, you should be fine. It's not like you submerged the thing into a bowl of water and left it there for a day.