Doing a presentation to a bunch new ipad users at health Department

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    Mar 8, 2010
    What apps do you recommend?

    I use:
    STD treatment guildlines
    hdmi and vga adapter
    10 foot hdmi cable
    Facebook (if your program uses an account)
    Twitter (if you program has an account)
    reminder to logon local wifi network (if you have wifi only ipad)

    These are the ones i use the most

    Goodreader: i have a ton of pdf with local and national procedures

    Soundnote: my number one program for taping and notes during long meetings

    Keynote: most of my office powerpoints transition nicely to keynote (try to never use two layer slides if im using keynote.

    Any other programs you would recommend for admin and managers in a health department setting?

    Edit, added a few more apps


    Note to self mention hdmi kit and extra hdmi cable.
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    Jul 17, 2010

    Make sure to do the presentation using keynote on an iPad. And stress the fact that, for regular office people, iPad can completely replace your laptop.
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