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    I work for a school with two locations and two entirely independent networks. This summer, we're saving some money by cutting one of our two ISP connections and implementing a WAN between the two locations. I have network engineers to help configure basic network infrastructure.

    But the next question is how to configure the servers. One location is a mixed Mac / Win environment with Windows Server 2008. The other is an all-Mac environment with OS X Lion Server on a 2009 Xserve.

    The way I see it, we have 3 basic options:
    1) Leave the domains as-is; Macs in the mixed environment remain bound to AD only.
    2) Put all Macs in both locations into OD, and all PCs into AD.
    3) Put all Macs in both locations into AD and OD, and configure the magic triangle: AD for authentication, OD to manage preferences.

    The main features we'd like: the ability to manage preferences on Macs located in the mixed-environment building, the ability for staff to easily move between buildings (i.e., all WAPs configured identically w/ RADIUS on Win Server), and unified staff file shares. We also utilize zScaler Cloud web filtering, which can authenticate against both AD and OD. It can connect to both at once, but I'd think it'd be easier to manage if it only had to link up to AD.

    I can't find much info on a magic triangle w/ Lion Server. We can update to ML Server, or even potentially downgrade to SL Server. Mac clients range from 10.6-10.8. Although I think that would be the "best" way to do it, the lack of info leaves me wondering if it's more than I can chew. Anyone have experience / advice with this type of setup?

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