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    hello hello,

    i have a machine in a workgroup called 21. the machine name is icey.

    i have a domain called avery.

    i am able to access files on the domain from icey but when i try to connect to a printer it says i dont have sufficient access.

    the printer in question is a resource on a machine called marble. and the printer itself is called new_printer and yes its being shared. actually i cannot connect to any printers on the domain from icey.

    everyone on the domain can access the all printers however no one from 21 can connect to it.

    it was necessary for me to build 21 but it is still important for 21 to be able to use avery resources. is there any way i can get this to connect? thanks
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    You can give users from 21 accounts in avery that they can use to authenticate for domain resources as \\avery\user.

    If 21 were another domain you might be able to establish a trust relationship. but since it is a workgroup you are out of luck.

    Does this have anything to do with the Mac?


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