Done w/ Hacking... how do I go back to OTB iPhone?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by rckstwrz, May 19, 2008.

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    OK, before you tell me just to restore with iTunes, listen to why I'm cautious of that. I've jailbroken my iPhone and restored back to normal with every firmware that's been released. (Remember That was the best!) I've stopped counting how many times I've gone through the process of upgrading, jailbreaking, restoring, thinking about it a few days, and then jailbreaking it again. One thing I've learned when doing this is whenever I jailbreak, restore, and then jailbreak again, a lot of my 3rd party apps remember my settings from the last time I had them on my iPhone. Chat, for example, remembers my AIM screen name and password; Netflix and Twinkle do as well. This tells me that even when I do a restore with iTunes, there's still some gunk left over on my phone from those 3rd party apps. How do I get that stuff off and make my phone look like it has never been touched by a jailbreak?
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    DFU mode restore? Also try running the "refurbish" option in ZiPhone...
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    Restore in iTunes and after it's done, hit "setup as new iPhone" instead of restoring from your backup.
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    That is correct.

    They remmeber your settings because your restoring from your back-up.

    iTunes saves all settings including 3rd party settings - you need to set the phone up as "new".

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