Don't believe the Apple propaganda on Android apps...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by mobilehavoc, Oct 24, 2012.

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    People seem to be brainwashed or drinking the Kool aid about how horrible apps are on the Nexus 7. I own both a Nexus 7 and iPad 3 LTE. I've also owned every iPad before this and they're great. But let's be honest here, at 7 inches having tablet specific apps becomes irrelevant. On the 10 inch iPad I agree that Android is horrible at using real estate (hence why I own iPad) but at 7 inches smartphone apps that are using Google 4.0 design language run and look fantastic. They btw don't look like iPhone apps on an iPad which are just pixel doubled garbage - they expand and text/images are sharp as ever.

    Since I got my Nexus 7 I find myself hardly using the iPad 3 even with its superior tablet apps. The apps I have on my Nexus 7 work wonderfully and look great, not including the stock apps which are all optimized - Flipboard, Google+, Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Chrome and certainly all games are just great to name a few I use often.

    I don't care what you buy, I'm just saying that the Apple propaganda machine is in full swing on this one. I honestly don't think these tablet optimized apps are as relevant at 7 inches as they are at a higher resolution 10 inches.

    But that's just my experience...
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    There is no apple propaganda. I have had a chance to own a nexus 7 and I have also sold it and taken the money to buy an iPhone 5. Android nexus 7 apps do not have the polish like apple apps do. Sure flipboard and and iOS equivalents look the same but overall the android offerings are inferior.

    The nexus 7 isn't all that. The pixel density is fine and all but for me reading on the iPad retina is superior to any android offerings. If you are concerned about size, then a 7" tablet is perfect but the aspect ratio is not as good as the iPads for both web and apps. For video the 16:9 is king.

    There are millions of happy iPad owners and they didn't buy the iPad because they drank apple kool aid. It's because the iPad is superior to everything on the market.
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