Don't get cheap tempered glass privacy screen protectors!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by anaqvi786, Feb 7, 2015.

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    So recently I bought a Tempered Glass Privacy screen protector with a new screen I replaced on an iPhone 5 so it was protected from day 1. I think that was one of the biggest mistakes I made.

    First off, the screen protector was made out of some plastic and not legitimate glass and you could definitely tell. I had one from Bodyguardz on my brother's phone and the Privacy one felt really cheaply made compared to it. The privacy one also could flex more, definitely more than a real tempered glass one.

    Also, it really wasn't too much of a Privacy Screen Protector. It was just a tinted black screen protector and you could barely see the screen in normal lighting conditions at full brightness.

    I stupidly decided to let it go and I used it normally for a few months.

    Fast forward to a week ago and I accidentally dropped my iPhone on concrete. I should have been fine with that "tempered glass" protector I had, but when I examined my phone, it looked like there was no damage done to it and it was fine. But when I turned on my phone, the screen was severely cracked and it looked really bad.

    I was pretty surprised. The protector essentially did nothing and just stayed intact while my screen cracked underneath. Not good.

    I ended up needing to replace the screen *again*. $60 total spent in repairs on it.

    The purpose of this thread mainly was to inform everyone to beware of cheap tempered glass protectors. A lot of times they aren't real tempered glass and they don't do a good job protecting your phone. Expensive tempered glass protectors are expensive for a reason - They at least have decent quality.
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    It's all really luck of the draw when you drop your phone. I had an expensive name brand glass screen protector (Invisible Shield) and both the screen and the protector shattered when I dropped it.

    I think the glass protectors are there more for impacts directly to the screen and dings/scratches whereas something that covers the edges of the phone like a case is for drop protection.

    All that being said, the main idea of your thread rings true: you get what you pay for.
  3. hockeyman94 macrumors regular

    Nov 26, 2012
    What you bought was not a tempered glass privacy screen protector or at least that not what they sent you. What they sent you was a plastic privacy film. Tempered glass does not flex as much as what your making it seem to be.
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    I have to agree. Tempered glass is really meant for protection against heavier scratches and does a better job than film. I guess for heavier drops it won't be 100% effective. I will be upgrading soon so I may as well do some research on better accessories to prevent cracking my screen :)


    I don't think I got sent a film. If I flex it too much, it would end up cracking, film is really flexible and wouldn't crack. I guess I was sent some plastic protector that claimed to be glass... on eBay plastic protectors can get passed off as glass easily! Sorry if I made it seem like it was really flexible :)
  5. 617aircav Suspended

    Jul 2, 2012
    On my g2 the tempered glass saved my scree when I dropped it screen down on the concrete. It was a $7 tempered glass and it worked. Obviously not all impacts are the same.
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    My tempered glass protector for my 6+ is called Apple Care for $99. :D
  7. Allthings-I macrumors 6502

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    I would like to know if you got your screen replaced at a Apple Store or did you do it your self?

    All 3rd party apple screens are not the "Best" I have done repairs for family and friends over the years and the 3rd party screens quality is poor therefore, they are more prone to cracking upon ANY impact.

    Lastly I'm not sure how anyone can expect a glass screen protector to protect a device if it experienced damage by dropped on a corner / edge. Any impact n a edge/corner will not be protected by a screen protector of any kind.

    I've been using a Tempered glass I bought from eBay on my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus, no issues what so ever, its a clear one an feels identical to a brand name one we have on another device in the house and the ones on my iPad and iPhone 6 cost about $3-$7 each.
  8. anaqvi786 thread starter macrumors regular

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    Thanks for the insight. I actually bought a whole iPhone that was for parts ($70 is cheap for one :) ) and that had what looked like an OEM screen. I replaced it myself :)

    Most tempered glass screens I got were fine but the cheap Privacy versions of tempered glass from eBay just sucked. I'm doubting they're made of glass in the first place.

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