dont have an iphone anymore apparently

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    Apr 11, 2015
    Just got off the phone with apple and would have to say am now a disgruntled user. Have had an iphone5 with intermittent power issues every 4-5 months. Have not thought much of it until last week the battery failed completely going from 100% to zero in 10-15minutes. Came back to brisbane and went to apple store to get it looked at. Was told that it was a serial number phone which had faulty batteries and the battery would be replaced. Did the diagnostics and said yes sir it is in the red square and we will replace that for you. They then asked if i had ever had the phone repaired. I said yes about 4 months ago i had the screen replaced.

    "i am sorry sir but we only work on iphones. Because you have had the screen replaced it is no longer an iphone. You will have to pay to have the battery replaced."

    now imagine my disgust to find that because i had had a repair done on my phone that it is no longer an iphone. Apparently it now doesn't have a defective battery as only iphones have the faulty apple batteries in them. The screen in no way affects the faulty battery.

    So i rang apple support as this was clearly poor service. I was told that if i had a car and put a non genuine alternator in it I would void all warranty for the car. After explaining that this simply wasn't the case as the warranty would cover the whole car still unless the alternator caused the problem I was told i was misinformed and my car would no longer be the holden i bought. Wrong.

    I would have accepted this if i said i used a non genuine charger to charge the battery then yes that may have damaged it. But my having a screen replaced when the phone was out of warranty doesnt mean i no longer have an iphone. It just goes to show how little customer support apple really have once the warranty is gone. At least the car manufacturer would have still replaced the defective part.

    Ok enough ranting. I think i hear samsung calling on my non genuine ?phone. At least they fix their faulty bits when the warranty runs out.

    chalk up another unhappy apple customer. Will have to decide over the next few days whether I continue to be an apple customer if thats what they call appropriate customer service
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    Sep 19, 2012
    Sorry, don't agree with your rant. You're pushing it when comparing a phone to a car. It's well known that any tampering voids all warranties on any Apple product. And have fun with another phone manufacturer, since you won't get same level of service 1 day past warranty expires.
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    Sep 27, 2014
    did you get the screen replaced by apple or an apple authorized place?
  4. Ash Pole macrumors member

    Mar 2, 2015
  5. IdealTech macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2014
    If it wasn't an Apple technician that replaced your screen, then your warranty is void. It's pretty common info.

    However, if your warranty ISN'T void, and they simply denied you the service because the screen was replaced, then that is a load of BS and you should complain.

    Another thing you can try as well is if the Apple service guy didn't jot down that your warranty is void under your phone's serial number, you can always try a different Apple store.

    And correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't Apple say the faulty batteries in the iPhone 5 would be replaced regardless of warranty status?

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