Dont Take Chances On Getting Scammed

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    Hey all,

    Ok everyone listen up I have been reading alot of articles about people seeing great deals on the web from web sites stating CHEAP MACS for SALE this really is a NO BRAINER dont do it. If you in the market for a cheap Mac there is no such thing Macs are the price they are because they are quality machines, if you cant buy one from the Mac site then just save your money up until you can afford a real mac. Also you never know if that Mac you may be purchasing from an unknown web site might selling STOLEN MACS someones other pride and joy that was taken from them because that person needed to make a quick buck. The only way to truley Buy a Mac is to goto or goto to your nearest local athorized dealer and get it that way, that way your not setting yourself up for a nasty disspointment or worse yet finding your hard earnd money swallowed up by crook. I dont want to burst peoples bubble here I just would like all those here who are looking to buy a quality machine get what they deserve a REAL MAC:D

    long live the Mac:)

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