Don't worry, it's normal to feel anxious

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mikethebigo, Sep 18, 2014.

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    I'm seeing some pretty hostile comments on here towards people expressing their anxiety/excitement about the upcoming launch. This was quoted on one of Gruber's recent blog posts about the retirement of the iPod Classic (by Mat Honan):

    "For ten years my iPod — in various incarnations — was my constant companion. It went with me on road trips and backpacking through the wilderness. I ran with it. I swam with it. (In a waterproof case!) I listened to sad songs that reminded me of friends and family no longer with me. I made a playlist for my wife to listen to during the birth of our first child, and took the iPod with us to the hospital. I took one to a friend’s wedding in Denmark, where they saved money on a DJ by running a four hour playlist, right from my iPod. And because the party lasted all night, they played it again.

    Everyone played everything again and again.

    And now it’s dead. Gone from the Apple Store. Disappeared, while we were all looking at some glorified watch."

    Look, the iPhone is the most personal product we've ever dealt with. It's there for everything and we've become quite used it it. We literally do share our life moments with it, and it's become such an important tool in the modern world it feels like a third hand.

    It is absolutely, perfectly normal to be nervous/emotional/anxious/excited/whatever about the phone. It's actually a pretty interesting phenomenon and not something I think we've seen on this scale for any previous item or device.
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