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    Jul 24, 2011
    Doodle Dream lets you doodle your dreams!

    Free version also available now at

    Simply prepare your fingers, forget about shapes and rules, just doodle! The app makes you stay fun, stay with your photos, and stick with your friends via Facebook or email!

    Awesome features include:
    - Draw with your fingers
    - Choose among 30000+ colors
    - Choose different pen sizes
    - Select a photo from your iPad's library, and position it anywhere with any size!
    - Erase previous drawings
    - Undo and redo
    - Batch clear
    - Save your drawing to photo library
    - Choose different drawing backgrounds, including old paper, black, blue, etc.
    - Last but not least, share your dream with your friends, through Facebook or email!

    For promo codes, please message me, or email me at


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