dorm room set up dilemma...


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Mar 20, 2011
So this past spring semester.... I had my 13.3" macbook air. I used it everyday and loved the size, but it was not "fulfilling" my wants and needs.

I realized I wanted a desktop/ipad combo.

at home, typing on it, I have my 27" iMac. Love the power, screen real estate, and everything.
but....... Im considering selling my iMac for a 17" macbook pro.

something something intuitive/clever... what are your thoughts?

Id take the iPad to class and keep my iMac in my dorm. If i kept my iMac, my only 2 concerns would be damage from whatever/ and traveling with it.


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Jul 24, 2007
Troutdale, OR
When I lived in college dorms, I don't think a 27" iMac would even fit on the desk! I guess times have changed.

Have your family ship your iMac down to you insured if you are worried about damage in transit. I would somehow secure it using one of those computer security kits as well, no matter if you use a laptop or iMac.
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