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Apr 26, 2022
Hi, im new here and i woul like some help since i cant find anything on the topic, i have a mid 2011 imac, i was running Sierra and i need an update because i cant have office or anything so i decided to buy a graphics card (k1100m) and try to update with dosdude patcher now i have a black screen and apparently something is working because if i hit a key on the keyboard it makes a sound but still black screen i decided to go back to the ATI graphics and it work with loads of graphical glitches, anybody know if i have to do something so it works with the nvidia card?

Nguyen Duc Hieu

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Jul 5, 2020
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Assuming that you hardware installation didn't mess up the iMac.
1. Flashing the K1100m with compatible vBIOS.
2. Power on the iMac with newly flashed K1100m (Sierra), do a triple PRAM reset, then turn it off again. (or quickly press & hold "Option" after the 3rd chime.)
3. Power it on again, holding "Option" to get the screen turn on and get to desktop environment.
3. Download and install Opencore Legacy Patcher to the booting drive.
4. Upgrade Mac OS to High Sierra first, install all the update to get the firmware updated.
5. Now you can install newer Mac OS by USB installer method. (Not direct OS upgrade method)

If you don't understand the above lines, read around this forum until you do.
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