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    Dec 30, 2010
    Here are 2 new cases that came in the mail recently (the replicase last week and the Ikuba today). I decided to do a short overview since I love them both and think their great cases!

    Pics were taken with my girlfriends 3gs incase anyone was wondering.


    Let's start with the replicase. The description for the case is "Glass" iphone 4s cover. However I was dissapointed to find out it is not really glass. It is kind of hard to tell what kind of material it is, it is kind of a glossy plastic that heavily resembles glass. It hasn't gotten any scratches after a week of use which is pretty impressive.

    The best thing about this case is that it is extremely shiny! In the light it is completely eye catching and has a glossiness that makes it look nicer than the bare iphone 4s. It feels very nice in the hand and in terms of width is even smaller than the case-mate barely there. The difference is tiny, but the feel of it is much nicer.

    It is about 100x nicer than any other cheap replicase I have seen. If you are looking for a minimalistic case that looks like there's no case on, this is definitely the one to go for. (In fact it looks even nicer than the actual iphone back like I already stated.) Best part, it was around 5 bucks including international shipping.

    And NO I am NOT going to put a screenshield on the back of the case! Although I did think about it for a second :p

    Now onto the real gem of the two, the Ikuba aluminum spiderman case. I actually found this case on and wanted it before I even had the iphone 4s. I ended up buying it on ebay for around 45 bucks which is about as cheap as you can find on the internet.

    This case looks unique and completely transforms the iphone look. Not only does it look dope but it is definitely the BEST feeling case I have ever held. It is solid, smooth, and slim. There are finger indents on both sides which make this case an absolute pleasure to hold! I can't stress enough how amazing this case feels in the hand! Here's the kicker, being a full aluminum case obviously I expected to take a hit to the signal. On every site that sells the Ikuba they say the same thing and claim that there is no impact to the signal. I obviously didn't believe it, but due to my strong signal to start (consistent 5 bars) it really doesn't make any difference to me. To my surprise, my phone has taken 0 -db loss! Even my vapor pro r8 and crossline aluminum bumper have very slightly affected my signal (I'm talking like a few -db's here and there). But the ikuba has absolutely no impact on my signal! I suspect the top being open having something to do with it.

    By far this is my favorite case so far and I've got quite a few. If you like the look of it (which really comes down to personal preference) I say go for it, you will not regret it! The only downside is that the case is made for iphone 4, so the vibrate opening is slightly off. It still works completely fine so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Anyways, there's a quick look at my 2 new favorite cases. I am now waiting for my XTRUCASE aluminum bumper (hopefully my last case... for a while anyways ;)). Please feel free to ask any questions, or picture requests. comments are always welcome as well :)
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    Thanks for the review! Im actually in the market looking for two replicases, one black and one white and this helps a lot. I wasnt too sure about them bc someone had told me they scratch the iPhones. Where can I find a "glass" black and/pr white replicase?? Links?? (btw the price on them is on POINT! :D)
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    Hey sorry for the late reply, I completely forgot. The seller I bought from doesn't sell anymore, but here's a couple I found.

    I don't think there should be any problems with scratching, but since I have screenshields on both sides it doesn't matter to me.

    If you want to find more, try typing in "iphone 4s glass case"

    For the price, it's definitely worth it! :)

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    Nov 1, 2011
    Any flash issues with the replicase since the camera cutout is so shiny?

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