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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Doctor Q, Sep 2, 2004.

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    I have written a shell script ("fixup") that a teacher uses. (The purpose of the script isn't relevant to my question, but it's to fix a file that ends up wrong when she creates a netboot image with Carbon Copy Cloner.)

    She currently runs the script in Terminal using sudo or su and typing the superuser (root) password. i would like to make it double-clickable instead so she doesn't need to type commands in Terminal. I started by making file fixup.command, which has the necessary command to invoke the shell script.

    Now what? I know she needs to be prompted for the superuser password. I vaguely remember there is an application you can drag a command file into, and it will prompt for the superuser password and then execute the command. Am I remembering right? What is it's name? Is that all I need? Can I make this work by double-clicking something instead of having to remember to drag and drop?

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    Are you using Applescript? That would be the easiest. You can have applescript prompt for the password. Dont remember the command off hand. and then have:

    tell application "terminal"
    do shell script "sudo [put your script here]"
    do shell script [variable for password]
    end tell

    Something like that, then save it as an application and you have it double clickable.

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