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    Anyone have experience with this? Been asked to use it to submit a rich media banner advert. Seems the requirements for certification are fairly stringent!

    DoubleClick Studio certification preconditions

    Access to DoubleClick Studio Web UI to download Studio components
    Hands-on experience building ads using Studio components, API, etc.
    Creative shop must build at least three campaigns a month or be associated with a top-tier account (negotiable depending on sales potential)
    Certification requirements

    At least three certified individuals with production services badges or QA badges to be a certified creative agency
    You can also have at least three developers and at least three quality analysts certified for each function, or at least three individuals who have both.
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    I could swear DoubleClick had a MXP you installed via: Adobe Extension Manager that would extend Flash to add the DoubleClick API. There are special methods called within that API that do all the DoubleClick heavy lifting, especially for video tracking and click-through rates. The API is pretty well documented and pretty straight forward, their should be FLA examples they offer as well.

    I asked a co-workers who still works on ad banners and he provided me this link:


    You may need a DoubleClick account to download the lastest MXP's and view their API. With a little google search I found these AS2/3 MXP's (you could use them for testing).

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