doubles of songs stuck on iPod. help to remove them.

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by cb911, Feb 20, 2005.

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    well i've already posted this on Apple's Discussion boards, but i figure two boards are better than one. ;) :p

    I was just going throught my music library the other day, adding album art (with MPFreaker for most of them... not sure if that makes a difference) and then i plugged my iPod in and updated it. i was just listening to my iPod the other day, and noticed that i've got two Daft Punk albums on there, and they'er exactly the same. it seems like iTunes has put the updated album including album art on there, but it hasn't removed the old album? and it's not just this single album, it's done this for at least 5 or 6 of them so this is adding up to alot of wasted space.

    I was wondering - is there any hope of removing those doubles from my iPod? the iTunes library is all in order, no doubles there. but i don't know how to get the double songs off the iPod... any help would be appreaciated.

    (the following is my 2nd post from Apple Discussions forum - someone asked if i was using auto-sync or manual update...)

    i think i am using auto-sync. but i think i may have had the iPod already plugged-in, so it had updated already - then i went and added the artwork to some albums, and hit the manual update button i think? is that a bad thing to do? should i just stick with letting it auto-sync whenever i plug it in?

    i'd prefer not to reset/wipe all the songs because i have some songs on the iPod that aren't on my Mac (i deleted the songs but left them in my iTunes library because i didn't have room on my Mac for them but wanted to keep them on my iPod...) and so if i did wipe the iPod those songs wouldn't be put back on there when it updated again, and to get all those CD's out and put them on again would be a bit of a pain... :/

    well... any ideas as to what i can do to remove those extra albums off my iPod? any ideas would be much appreciated. :)
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    You can only be on manual sync OR auto sync. You have to change this in preferences. If you deleted songs on your Mac, and they were still on your iPod, then you were using manual update-- So presumably you could connect the iPod and manually remove the duplicates. Although duplicates shouldn't happen, not sure why that is. When you plug your iPod in, and click on it in iTunes, is the list gray (auto) or black (manual, you can modify it)?
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    Actually, the iPod will only be updated when you first plug it in on auto-sync. If you change something, it will affect the iPod next time it syncs (plugs in). Or, in the File menu (and contextual menu when you click on the iPod in the Source list), you can choose to have iTunes update the iPod again.

    cb: You might want to check in iTunes for duplicate songs (make sure you're in the Library when you do this, it's source-specific). If it doesn't show any, you should probably just backup whatever non-music data you have on there and reset it. You'll have to change the prefs back the way you want though ;)
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    Dec 30, 2004
    How yah do it

    delete the songs in iTunes.

    plug ur iPod in ur computer and it will update what youve done with your iTunes.
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    okay... i am using Auto update (i just checked the prefs, and the list of songs on the iPod are showing as grey...) but i'm pretty sure i've updated manaully as well in the past.

    for instance i would plug in my iPod and everything would automatically be updated. but then i would change the album info or add album art, then i would right-click on the iPod in the "sources" list and use the option "Update Songs". is that a bad think to do?

    i'm not confused about having songs deleted off my Mac but left on my iPod - that's the way i want it. all i did was delete the .mp3's but leave the songs added to my iTunes library. (and easy solution to have all my songs handy but save on HD space. :))

    the double songs do not show up either in my Library or on the iPod when it's plugged in...

    would it be possible to use something like iPodDownload or other software to go in and remove the doubles? i would really, really like to keep all my other songs on there, or else it would be a real hassle to put them back on from my CD collection... well if no one's got any ideas about how to remove them, i suppose i'll just try as much different software as i can.

    i just changed to manual... why didn't i ever know that you can play songs from the iPod!!?? that's awesome! now i can listen to all those songs on my iPod that i had deleted off my Mac. :D

    anyway - i also just checked those doubles of songs on my iPod itself. i played one, then went to it's duplicate to see if they were the same... and both of them had the "playing" icon next to them?? but i swear that there are duplicates of them on there because when i updated the iPod i saw that little "updating" symbol next to the songs i'd just added artwork to - and where it shows the space remaining on the iPod at the bottom of the iTunes window - that was filling up just as if the album were going on there again?

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