Dow do macs vent

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AndroidfoLife, Apr 7, 2011.

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    A question that has always bothered me was how do Mac Laptops stay cool. This is because as some of you know that one of the by products of using a Processor is heat being created. Normal computers use Heat sinks that increases the surface area of the CPU. From the Heat sink the heat is then discharged out of the computer from various vents. How do Mac Laptops manage to do this with the Unibody design and no vents. Do they use the entire body of the computer as a heat sink or something.
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    The intake and exhaust vents in Apple notebooks are located at the rear, near the hinge. The fan(s) are located there, pulling heat away from the two primary furnaces, the CPU and GPU. While heat radiates in all directions, including the base and the keyboard, only the rear is used for venting.
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    If why a macbook stays cool bothers you that much, you need to get out more...
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    They were born that way.
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    Apple placed the fans and the vents in the hinge. Its a clever design, as no more openings are needed in the computer, making it stronger and more attractive (as the vents in the hinge are out of sight).
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