Downgrade 3.0 to 2.2.1 Advice Required

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jimlyonsie, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. jimlyonsie macrumors member

    Apr 1, 2009
    Hi there. I am so appreciative of the opportunity that i got from testing the FW. At the moment however I am wanting to go back to the 2.2.1 FW until the bigger bugs are sorted. The reason I am posting this is because I am looking for some guidance on how to restore the 2.2.1FW without causing a problem.

    I have read a few differing guides on how to do this. From my reading I have concluded that I need to plug my iPhone into the Mac, and choose 'Restore'. From that point on it is quite vague on what I should look for and where to locate your backups for the restore. Furthermore, nearly every guide says the the final step is to jailbreak the phone. Some guides mention clicking the option button, while other guides don't. I have attempted to click 'restore' and option and it asks you to locate the restore file - where would I locate the backup for my 2.2.1 FW? Alternatively when I click on 'restore' without pressing option, I am prompted with a different screen, which way do you think I should do it? Also my Mac recognizes my iPhone when it is not in DFU mode, does this mean that I still require to put the phone into DFU before downgrading?

    I am not particularly keen on jailbreaking my phone. It is a legally factory unlocked phone which was never originally jailbroken. Does this mean that I still HAVE to jailbreak my phone after I restore the old FW.

    Do you know the best way of doing the restore, and whether I have to jailbreak also?

    Thanks in advance
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    Dec 23, 2007
    Out your phone into DFU. To do this, turn it off and wait 5 secs. Hold home and power for 10 seconds then let go of power and keep holding home for 10 secs. iTunes will recognize a phone in recovery mode. Click restore.

    Get error 1013. Boot up in Windows and open Quickpwn. It will ask you to hold down power (or something like that) for 10 secs. After that, don't jailbreak it, boot back into OS X and plug it into iTunes.

    Booting into Windows is the only way I've gotten Quickpwn to recognize my phone, it wouldn't with the Mac version, although other's have done it without going into Windows.

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