Downgrade Airport Firmware?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by chaosbunny, May 10, 2006.

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    Is it possible to downgrade the firmware of an airport extreme base station? I want to connect a computer to my home network but its wireless options (usb adaptor) only allow 40/128 bits hex and ascii encoded passwords. My airport extreme base station is running the latest firmware update, 5.6 was it I guess, were I can only create WPA or WEB passwords. So, while I find my network with the mentioned machine I can not connect because there is no password option the computer and the base station share.

    I think there are firmware "downgraders" for such things on the apple homepage, but after some serious searching I was not able to find anything.

    Of course I could reset the whole base station but I don't want to rebuild my network with all the settings for this.

    Thanks in advance for any kind of help!
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    Just search for the firmware you want to install via Google. It's there. I downgraded to get my PSP working awhile back (the PSP was known to not work with a certain version of the Airport Firmware). I'm not really clear on why your situation won't work though as I'm pretty sure you can do a WEP connection with the latest firmware. But you know what you've got so... go at it! :) You don't need a downgrade program... just install whatever firmware you want and it'll "upgrade" to an old version.

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