Downgrade current iMac from Lion to Snow Leopard?


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Jul 24, 2011
United States
Hi, if I buy an iMac from the Apple Retail Store right now, will I have any problems downgrading it from Lion to Snow Leopard Server? Thanks for your help!
I have no first hand experience with that model, but it probably depends on what subversion of Snow Leopard you are attempting to install. I would think if you have 10.6.0 you will not get it to successfully boot from the installation media. If you have 10.6.3 or greater, you may be able to get it to work.


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Jun 6, 2009
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I've just tried to downgrade a iMac i5 which shipped with lion to snow leopard as i'm having problems with saving illustrator files to a network drive.

Anyways, i can confirm that the downgrade does not work with the retail disk that came out at launch of snow leopard. It sites the issue as invalid CPU family.


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Dec 15, 2013
more questions

I am fairly new to mac computers but I have an iMac 5,1 made late 2006 with intel 2GHZ Core 2 Duo. It had Snow Leopard on it and it worked great. The only thing is that I was not able to use any apps from the app store. I had the app store but everytime I wanted to try an app it kept telling me my system was to old. So I updated to Lion cuz everyone tells me that's the latest os x I can get? But now the iMac lags. It is so slow that I could just sit here for several minutes just to open any given app. But with Snow Leopard it was so fast that I was mind blown. An intel Core 2 Duo is a nice processor. Even by today's standards its pretty good. But why is Lion so crappy? My Microsoft office no longer works either. Says that this OS no longer supports PowerPc apps. But the Microsoft office says right on the box "great for Intel & PowerPC based Macs. It blows my mind that Apple doesn't support their own products at all? Just because its a couple years old? I never dreamed this would be the case. I have 10 year old dell computers running windows 7 like a charm.
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