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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by riveting, Jul 23, 2012.

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    My wife has a white iphone 4s but she is going to China shortly to use for a few months time, and the phone is currently locked to Telus in Canada. She likes the phone but her usage is very basic. The problem is there is no freaking way to completely unlock the phone unless we can go Telus for at least 3 months of postpaid plan and then pay $50 to them to unlock. We don't have enough time, so this is not possible. I understand there is ways to unlock using things like r-sim 3, but that, even if without bugs, would prevent us to upgrade to iOS 6 when the time comes.

    We find a deal on refurbished Nexus S for around $150. I am thinking of selling our iphone 4s and go with Nexus S instead (I know Nexus S is getting Jellybean already). Is this a good idea and is the $150 for Nexus S a really good deal? Not sure if my wife likes the idea though.
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    Keep the iPhone.
    Wait until you get to China.
    Buy a cheap Android phone there, along with a cheap pre-pay SIM.

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace (i.e. a cheapish Android phone) as a second handset on a second mobile network, as I have poor mobile reception on client site.

    It's not a patch on the iPhone 4s, both in terms of hardware or software. Opinions vary, so I'm sure there will be plenty that disagree, but I'd be wary of giving up the iPhone ..
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    I was hoping the 4'' screen and latest android OS can change the experience compare to even cheaper phones like the galaxy ACE :eek:. She will be staying in China for a couple of months though, so either we change the phone, or she will stick with iphone 4s on iOS 5 and try use a unlock sim for the several months she stays in China. (PS: She has sim card in China already, price of their prepaid service is 10 times cheaper than prepaid service in Canada here. I remember one of my friend comes to Canada find out that it is cheaper to use his phone in China for roaming in Canada than using prepaid service from Rogers in Canada)

    Android phones in China probably won't be cheaper than the Nexus S at the same spec.
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    The Nexus S and Galaxy Ace are worlds apart performance wise.
    The Ace features a weaker CPU, weaker GPU, lower resolution screen and is stuck on Android 2.3 (officially)
    I wouldn't ever think your experiences with the Ace would compare to a Nexus S running Android 4.0 or 4.1.1.

    To the OP: Going from a 4s to a Nexus S to me sounds like quite a drop in hardware. Would you not be able to put the funds towards an unlocked iPhone 4 or a Galaxy Nexus at all?

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