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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by kdesign7, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Ever since I upgraded to the newest version of iPhoto 11, I've had several issues... but the biggest, and most annoying issue was... iPhoto 11 lost all of my GeoTags for all of my photos. I'm talking nearly 3000+ photos, all with GeoTags, mostly with the iPhone 4... and now they are gone.

    Is there something I am missing. I've gotten all of the patches and updates, and nothing has fixed this issue. Is there something within preferences that I am missing(which I have looked, but to my knowledge, I haven't found the solution).

    Is there ANYWAY to downgrade back to the prvious version of iPhoto where everything work'd great... I was told the only way I could do this is to reformat my iMac and start-afresh.

    Side note: Whenever backing up all iPhoto Photos to an external, does that save all the geotags as well.

    I appreciate any help anyone could give. I'm just a lost lil guy wondering some big questions.
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    Downgrading the actual software's pretty simple, you just have to remove the current version (including the receipt for the installer, located in /Library/Receipts/) and then install the old version.

    Problem is, it won't read your library. So, unless you have a backup from before the upgrade you can roll back to, you'll have to export all your photos and start a new library. Not the greatest option.


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