Downgrade to tiger WITHOUT erasing data

Discussion in 'macOS' started by msizzle64, Mar 12, 2008.

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    My friend installed Leopard on his PowerBook G4 unaware that pro tools and reason aren't compatible with leopard. He asked me to downgrade him back to tiger using a CPU Drop in DVD (will that work?) but he no longer has his pro tools install discs and i don't think he has his serial numbers written down. so is there a way to downgrade back to tiger without erasing the drive so he won't have to reinstall his apps. i also made a clone of his drive using Carbon Copy Cloner on my USB drive. could migration assistant put the apps back on if i do a erase and install. will a archive and install work?

    Please please please help!
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    It's certainly possible, but be forewarned that many of the Leopard apps that were installed with the upgrade won't be removed and won't work with Tiger. PhotoBooth immediately comes to mind(but with a PowerBook, that's not a problem), as well as Spaces and something else that escapes me. So you might want to go through after you downgrade it and get rid of those programs.

    Sorry, though, that I don't know exactly how it works. I wasn't there when that particular operation commenced on a new iMac at school.
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    An "Archive and Install" should allow this. However, more than likely, his registration information is stored in the System's Library, which would be moved if you did this. He's better off just looking for the Discs and S/Ns and starting again (or looking for updates).


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