Downgrading iMovie '09 to earlier versions?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by macstatic, Feb 4, 2011.

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    My iMac came with iMovie '09, but I find it very confusing and counter-productive (I'm one of those people who hate reading user manuals and try to figure out things myself) compared to iMovie '05 which I have on my Powerbook G4 (which is very easy and self-explanetory to use).

    I read somewhere about the ultimate iMovie + iDVD combination where apparently older versions of iMovie were available for downloading from Apple to be used in combination with current versions of iDVD for the best DVD-burning quality together with the most user-friendly iMovie setup, but haven't succeeded in finding any such download sites.
    I believe I can't install iMovie '05 from my Powerbook G4 DVD either since it's made for that specific machine.

    Ideas, suggestions, comments anyone?
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    Unfortunately the Download version of iMovie '06 was only avaliable for a limited period to users of iLife '08, as iMovie '08 was more useless than 09 and 11. The disc you need is iLife '06, which shipped as a retail DVD with Universal Applications included, and has iMovie HD '06 (Basically its just like '05, as it was before the awful rewrite that came with iLife '08) included, which works just fine with the latest versions of iDVD. (Until I moved to Final Cut, I was using iMovie '06 and iDVD '09, and even have both installed on my Mac Pro (2010 Model)).
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    Imovie HD 6 Downbload link

    On this page you can find a download link to Imovie HD 6

    It is a link to some commercial and free plugins, and also the download link To Imovie HD 6 is there :) From the apple site, you can still download the updates till 6.0.3

    Have fun !
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    Awesome -thanks! :)
    Glad to see that good old version again (I suppose there are some improvements over iMovie '05 which I've got on my Powerbook, but I haven't noticed any yet). Looking good! I've been putting off some video editing for a while because of the incomprehensible user interface of iMovie '09, but was now able to edit it in a few minutes :D

    By the way, the "Free iMovie Plugins from Apple" (iMoviePlugin_Pack_2.1.1.smi.bin) download link was wrong. Instead it links to
    Anyone know a working link for those plugins?

    PS: apparently the iMovie HD '06 download from the mentioned site is version 6.0.4. so the 6.0.3 update from Apple is of no use.
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    I still use iMovie 6HD. Great program along with plug ins from gee three. Thanks for the link. Will have to check them out. Looks like iMovie 11 allows a single timeline again, similar to iMovie 6. Didn't know this until a few days ago. I would try it but since you cannot get plug ins, apple can shove this up their kazoo. What a mistake for apple to cripple it.

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