Downgrading the new iMacs from Lion to Snow Leopard...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by maximus645, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,

    So my new iMac is on it's way to me now and it's coming with OS X Lion. This upset me greatly. This will be my first desktop and i've had my laptop running Snow Leopard so i want to basically clone my laptop hard drive to the new iMac. From what I've read online about downgrading an iMac from Lion SL it seems to be a mixed response... Some people haven't had problems, other people claim to have problems with the Adobe software or FCP X. I've found 3 ways that this can be done.

    1) Make a backup using Time Machine on your Snow Leopard laptop running 10.6.8 and all recent updates. Reboot your iMac running Lion and hold down the Opt key and boot into Recovery HD. From here you can select Restore from Time Machine backup and voila.

    2) Insert Snow Leopard 2011 Installation Disc, reboot your iMac holding the C button, select Disk Utility, wipe the startup disk and then install SL from the disc.

    3) Setup a partition on your hard drive and install Snow Leopard to that and keep the original Lion partition.

    Has anyone done this with the latest iMacs? The apple retail assistant that I bought the iMac from said that it's impossible to downgrade the latest iMac's as the hardware won't allow it... Surely it's just a software thing and nothing to do with the hardware?

    Sorry for the rant but I was hoping for a vote on what the community thinks is the best method.

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    The drivers for the new hardware aren't included with 10.6 since the computer didn't exist at the time. The OS will thus not be able to interface with the different components.

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