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Oct 27, 2008
In my house I have a Mac mini HTPC running as an itunes server (among other things) connected to our primary tv. I also have an ATV 1 and ATV 3. The 3 serves the kitchen/living room area and the ATV 1 has been collecting dust in the kids playroom. On the latest software 3.x, the menus are slow and it frequently freezes/restarts.

I am considering going back to the 1.0 software assuming it will provide better stability. We only use this for random kids movies on a crappy 720p tv with the built in speakers. The newer streaming options and 5.1 audio aren't really important.

Will syncing with the current itunes still work? How about the iOS remote app and audio airplay from itunes? Obviously the easy answer is to wipe it and try it out, just wanted to save myself some time if it no longer works with current apple software.


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Jan 24, 2010
You'll still be able to sync it. But the iOS app requires 2.X. Don't remember which version of 2 it requires. You'll have a difficult time getting it back to OS 1.0. Even it your Apple TV came with it. OS 1.1 updated the recovery partition to OS 1.1 as well.
I miss the final iteration of the UI on :apple:TV1... I thought it was the best version of an :apple:TV UI with user-centered ideas like our own movies could be found in the "movies" menu (not "computers") and our own TV shows could be found in the "TV Shows" menu (not "computers"), etc. I miss how you could tag serial movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter with the same "Show" tag and they would show up in the movie menu as a single line item instead of showing each of the movies and thus lengthening the list. Etc. (there were many nice little goodies that I'd like to see resurrected).

I still wish that version of the UI could be used with the stronger hardware horses of the :apple:TV3. IMO, it was the best.... and Apple has since migrated away from user-centric thinking towards iTunes store-centric thinking. I could rent or buy stuff from iTunes in that earlier UI too but it wasn't as "in your face" as it's become and content I owned took priority over content they wanted to sell me.
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