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    Jul 11, 2011
    sooo, a few months ago i upgraded my mac to os x 1o.7, now im getting tired of those bugs and crashes and stuff, so i want to downgrade back to 1o.6. i tried inserting SL disk and booting from it, but it just hangs on the apple logo forever. someone told me to format/clean install SL, but how do i do the format?
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Hanging on the Apple logo when booting from the SL DVD really should not be caused by whatever OS you are running on your Mac as the boot process is supposed to complete before it even looks at your disk to see what OS you have and offer to archive and install, wipe and install, etc.

    I found a site that discusses migrating to Lion. The author recommends not using migration assistant because it has "proven unreliable". This sounds like my approach to using wizards that come with windows that do not work properly. Once I stopped using them, I never got them to work again and lost faith in them completely. I wonder if that's what this guy's problem is. He has taken over his settings to such a level of detail that the built in facilities in OS X to migrate to a new OS no longer seem to work for him. I bring up his example because perhaps you are in his situation because you decided to try a beta OS. His method of tinkering with a beta OS is to use a "junk" partition. Now that I've read his suggestions, I will use his method in the future should I ever decide to try a beta OS X.

    Just last night, I allowed 10.6.8 to install and it went without incident. Unlike MS is known to do, I don't expect Apple to foist a beta OS upon us as an official release. I might not grab Lion on day 1, but I will probably get it within a month of when it comes out. For safety sake, I may use one of our "spare" Macs before putting it on my Macbook. In your situation, I would focus on figuring out why the Snow Leopard DVD won't boot rather than simply assuming you need to wipe and install. I've only done wipe and install one time to get around hacking attempts by one of our kids. Migration assistant and archive and install have been good enough in every other situation.

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