Download all 2,448 Tenuis theme icons for Winterboard

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by m021478, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Tenuis is easily the best theme out there (IMO)... You can download it directly from Cydia, but if you use the link above you can download like 2000 more Tenuis related icons than the slimmed-down version you'll get from Cydia...

    The only reason I posted the link above is that I've been following the Tenuis thread at MacThemes for months now, and it has become such a popular theme that as of 02-07-2009, there are 153 pages of discussion with embedded and linked other words, it has become virtually impossible to gather all of the icons...

    BUT...just yesterday, some nice gentleman on the MacThemes forum (not me, I swear to God) went through all 153 pages and gathered up all icons (both linked and embedded), then renamed all 2,400+ icons properly so that they will work by simply adding it to your iPhone's theme folder via SSH...

    Hence, I felt it was worth spreading the wealth...
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    This belong in the hacks section, since SSH, Themes, and WinterBoard can only be done with a jailbroken phone ;)

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