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Aug 3, 2016
Hello! I have an ipad pro that im trying to use as computer for work and the only issue im having so far is that i cant find any way to download and extract files (from hitfile, wetransfer, etc) to the ipad.

I looked on the internet for solutions but the apps i found didnt really work. Is there any known and easy solution?

Thanks all for your time and sorry if there's any spelling mistakes.


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Jun 13, 2016
This can now all (well sort of all. The downloading part at least) be done with iCloud Drive and Safari in ios 10 (which is scant relief to OP if he's not on ios 10). You can download arbitrary files in Safari and upload to icloud drive. Goodreader or any other app that can extract zip files and has iCloud integration can work with them from there.

Edit: it's come to my attention that media files are still problematic (the player takes over and doesn't offer an icloud option on the share sheet)
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Aug 5, 2013
United Kingdom
You could try Workflow... If you can copy and past the URL of the download into it, it gives you a lot of options.

It's actually quite versatile with the things you can programme it to do.
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