Download iOS iCloud backup / data to my Mac?

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by iZac, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    What legitimate tools does anyone know that might let me extract documents and data from an iCloud backup? Specifically Procreate files. I can live with setting up as a new iPad as long as I can recover them. I have a story to this, but it's not specifically relevant to the question, added below if anyone's interested.


    I recently got a replacement iPad and backed up to iCloud before swapping it. However, the backup it's trying to restore from is ... stuck for want of a better word. I've tried it on my own 50mbps wifi, and through my work wifi and nothing. It's an 11.1 Gb backup, and over any wifi connection it's just sitting there with "Time remaining: estimating" Yesterday it actually said 1 day then adjusted to 2, 3, 4, 5, then 6 days remaining.

    I'm about to go to the Apple Store at lunch to see if they can help, but I thought I'd pick the brains of the Hive mind for an alternative first.

    I can see the backup on my System Prefs iCloud page on my Mac, but can't do anything with it.

    It's a sad weekend
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    UPDATE: The Apple Store were useless, basically just reinstalling the OS and trying the same thing.

    Their only explanation was speculation that the Chinese Apple Servers (knowing my device has whatever Chinese firmware) is the middleman between my iPad and the UK Apple account and may be blocking the international connection.

    Their only alternative was to change my account to a Chinese region (no thanks!) and that I should just phone the Apple support hotline.


    I'm trying my VPN connection again, and as a last resort I'll try to make sure it maintains my old iPad backup and just restore it when I'm back visiting the UK, and pull the data off manually.

    Rant over.

    EDIT: Still looking for a way to get my iPads iCloud backup downloaded on my Mac though, if anyone knows?
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    There's no way to do this.
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    Thanks for confirming this, although it's not the answer I was hoping for :p

    On a lighter note, after my fit of desperation the other day, I sat it in the corner of the living room and patiently left it alone for literally two and a half days.

    It finally restored.

    At least this will be changing my backup habits. Thanks to anyone who patiently read through my complaints.
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    You sound like a good candidate for encrypted iTunes backups to your local Mac or Windows PC. Not as convenient as iCloud backups but at least you are in control of them.

    Had I seen this thread earlier I would have advised you to start the restore and just leave it alone for a couple of days. I have seen large iCloud backups take greater than 36 hours to fully restore before.

    One thing you should always give little to no credence to is Apple's time remaining estimates for installs, restores, file copies-- just about anything. I have no idea why they even attempt to provide estimates, because they are so consistently wrong much of the time.

    Edit: and even though your connection speed was 40-50mbps does not mean that you were achieving anything close to that in the download of your iCloud backup. Maybe Apple's CDN was having an issue at the time, or one of the hops between them and you was. But the fact that it took so long tells me that the transfer speed was just super slow.

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