downloaded, installed Java Development Kit, but there's no icon to open it in apps

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by zeppo2, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. zeppo2, Nov 4, 2018
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    zeppo2 macrumors regular

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    I downloaded and installed Java SE Development Kit 11.0.1 from the Oracle page, but there's no icon to open it in the application folder. I can't figure out where it's installed. Maybe someone here uses it can tell what the .exe file name is. I can't even find anything with finder when I search for jdk.


    According to Oracles documentation about the storage path, the folders it should be in do not exist on my computer. I thought maybe I was just too tired to find it when I posted this, but now I believe the question is not where is it, but why, after getting a pop up confirming it was installed , was it not installed? (I keep screenshots of the whole process, so I know I'm not crazy) I'll ask this question on the help forum instead.
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    The development kit, for all I know, pretty much consists of the runtime environment and a Java compiler. If you're just starting out writing software in Java you may want to install a development environment to have the computer help you out a bit. Try Eclipse. Otherwise it's possible to write everything from scratch in regular text files. Oracle has some (very basic) introductory links:

    Unless you have concrete reasons to write for Oracle's Java implementation specifically, you may want to look into OpenJDK for a more permissive licensing scheme...
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    Thanks. I am new to Java and wasn't sure what to expect. I understand now there is no program icon that I need to launch and that it just integrates with the IDE. Why I'm not seeing its file directory is beyond my skill set so far, I guess. But after learning some Terminal commands, I see that it is installed-- plus it also shows as installed on IntelliJ , which is what I'm using as an IDE because that is what the Java course on is using, so it helps me follow along. Hopefully this will be a productive course.
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    Java have some setting in system preference app.
    To write code in Java, you can use XCode. That is the type of 'ICON' you mean
    Your java app can be lunched just by clicking on it, then the java virtual machine will be invoked automatically. No 'ICON' needed for execution. Because they are associated with file extension

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