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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Ross1308, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Oct 6, 2008
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    So im use to the functions of my mac now and i am use to navigating around it, But im still a bit confused about the applications, i downloaded firefox and opened it from downloads, dragged it to Applications and it put a little icon on my desktop, i try to eject disc and it says the disc firefox is in use and cannot be ejected. Not to sure what its for, i had one for Limewire and it deleted fine, Not sure if its needed or not, Help would be appreciated Thanks
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    Do you run Firefox from the Disk Image (the Firefox volume that appears in the Finder's sidebar, from where you can drag Firefox to any place you want)?
    If so, close Firefox, eject the Firefox Disk Image, and start Firefox from where you put it.

    If no, sometimes ejecting Disk Images can be a little strange (no ejecting), but after a restart (if you want to) it should have disappeared.

    And normally Firefox doesn't put an icon on the desktop, especially when you just copied the software from the disk image to the Applications folder.

    I think no software under Mac OS X puts an icon on the desktop, even after an installation routine. Some put them in the dock, but Firefox doesn't.

    Only if you opened it already (see by pressing Command + Tab to switch between open applications) does an icon appear in the dock if you haven't dragged it there previously.
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    Some apps under OS X do put an icon on your desk top. Limewire for example. It is an alias. It can be identified as an alias if it has a tiny little arrow top left (or right) coming out of it.

    Just delete it using apple/delete keys.

    If you can't delete it, log out then log back in a again and delete it. When you log out all the applications you have open will shut down, you see.

    Dragging a newly downloaded app to the applications folder and launching it from there is always the right thing to do. Unless it's a package installer (usually yellow box-like icon). These install themselves, sometimes to your applications folder, sometimes to your System Preferences as a system preferences pane. You'll find them here if you want to click on them and change theirr preferences, or put in a serial number or delete them.

    When these package installers are clicked on to install an app they will leave a package receipt in your library. Your user library. There are two libraries, one for the main system and one for your user account. Each time you create a new user it is given a dedicated new library.

    If an app asks if you want to install it for all users of this machine and you say yes it will put its stuff in the Library of the system. That way everyone can use it. If you say no, it will put its stuff in the library of only you so only you can use it.

    I feel giddy.
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    Ok so i found how to do it now, i got rid of everything except the download itself, then opened the Download this immediately put the icon on of firefox on a disc drive on my desktop, i then drageed the firefox icon to applications, then ejected the disc thing on my desktop and opened firefox and the disc didnt come back, so i guess its done now. Thanks for the help anyway, Here is a pic of what i meant.


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