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    Mar 21, 2011
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    Hi all.

    When you attempt to download apps u see the app appearing with a circular progress indicator over the icon to indicate such action ...

    How accurate is this progress? since i've has instances where i have been downloading 4 or 5 large apps, over my slow connection, and i see the progress fly, which is impossible.

    When it stops, sometimes the user gets a error "unable to download <app name>"

    When you tap "Retry" the app starts downloading again from scratch, and the progress starts again..

    Is this method just fundamentally flawed? since i can see you could have allot of incomplete stuff if u were trying to "resume". however on the other have the user just wasted 200MB of download of their bandwidth, relying of a progress indicator that is always questionable "will this app download??"

    I guess this is no difference than on a mac, but at least on mac the progress indicator is allot more accurate.

    Why is this not possible on iOS?
  2. soundklinik macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2014
    I don't worry about the accuracy of the progress, I try not to interrupt the download and usually stay near my router and I do one app at a time and wait until it says 'open'.

    I seem to have the same problem with WI-FI over slow connection.

    Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but most of my apps are music based and are not too big for DL.

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