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    I am just trialling mobileme (in the UK) - I travel a lot, so what's useful to me is to upload some of my critical files from my iMac hard disk to one of my iDisk folders - then as and when I need a file, I simply download it from wherever in the world I am...

    However - what it appears to do is attempt to compress the file when I've uploaded it (I am assuming it does as it's around 20-40% of it's original size) - which is fine - except, after it's been downloaded again to my laptop, the file appears to be corrupt as it doesn't open with any of the software it's intended to work with...

    This has happened on a large ZIP file, a ISO image file - and this morning on a MP4 file...

    anyone else experienced this? Is this a known "feature" ???
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    Just behind you
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    I've not had this problem with MobileMe yet (also UK user), but have experienced the exact same issue with .zip files when using DropBox in the past - very frustrating.

    I echo Guillaume's suggestion of the Apple discussion forums.
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