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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rm2092, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I'm currently downloading a HD movies that is takeing like for ever on my MBP but I see three downloads the movie in HD and then the movie in regular format and then there is a third download that looks like movies exrtras. Do HD movies take a long time to download and then once on my MBP will it automaticlly load the HD movie to my Apple or will I have to slect it, thanks it will be latter tonite when I get home to see it so just trying to get some heads up on it.
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    I had the same question when I bought my first HD. You are downloading three things.

    1. Movie in HD
    2. Movie in SD
    3. Movie extras

    This is normal and in iTunes the HD and SD movie versions will combine into one line item with the extras associate to it so the whole movie is one object per se. You get SD and HD copies so that when you sync to an HD compatible device you see it in HD and when you sync with and SD only device you get SD. The appropriate format for the appropriate device. Makes sense in the end.

    When I download T2 I had a 4gb HD file, a 1.5ish gb SD file and half gb extras file. This all took some time to download.
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