Downloading iTunes Match music on Windows

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    I've been an iTunes match subscriber for years, and it works great on my phone, with quick access and downloading of tracks when I need them.

    However, I'm trying to download about 20 albums to my work machine (which is an authorized computer on my iTunes account). This is a Windows 7 machine. I turned on iTunes match and can 'see' all the music. However, I can't seem to download it all in bulk to my machine.

    If I double click on a song, it'll pop up with "The Song XXXX could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?" It then wants me to find the local file. If I hit cancel, THEN the little cloud icon appears and I can download the song from iTunes match.

    However, I can't find anyway to do all the songs at once, at it is not feasible to do this for 24 albums (which are my mix CDs, so they have 18-21 songs each). That would require double clicking on around 500 songs, individually, then clicking cancel, then clicking the cloud icon for each file. I don't really have that kind of time. If I select all the albums and right click, I do not have a 'Download' option in the contextual menu.

    Any ideas?
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    Right-click/Download normally works fine with iTunes for Windows. Sounds like your iTunes library may be corrupted. First, sign out of the store and iTunes Match. If you have nothing stored locally in the library, try exiting iTunes and deleting the library. When you restart, iTunes should prompt you to create a new one. Otherwise follow the instructions under "Re-creating the iTunes Library file" in this support article:

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