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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Pborofski, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I have an issue I wanted to discuss with all of you ;)
    In a short time I'll be downloading Mavericks for two of my Macbook Airs 2010 11". As I've got a 15GB downloading limit per month, It's pretty obvious I don't want to download over 5GB twice. Is there a way to get it on one computer and then copy it from the first to the other by, for example, USB flash drive?
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    You should be able to find the installer on one of your computers. Just make sure that after you download it, you copy the installer to an external drive before you install it. That's what we did to share it so we didn't all have to download it.
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    you do not need to download it twice.

    Download from one Mac.
    During the download you will have an "OS X" in your /Applications folder.

    Once the download is completed, the name changes to "Installer OS X".

    You can copy this app to an external hard drive or flash drive, then copy it to the second Mac and use it to install Mav. on the second Mac.

    WARNING : copy the Installer BEFORE you use it on the first Mac, as it will be automatically deleted once the installation is completed.

    This is if you just want to upgrade the Macs.

    If you wish to do a "clean" install, then you have to create a bootable install drive (search on the forum for that).
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